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About Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

About Samsung Galaxy S III Mini

Looking for a relatively small android phone? Well, there are several choices you have related to what you are looking for. For you who have never experienced using the android, you may choose Samsung Galaxy Young which is one of the cheapest android phones on the market. However, you may not get the great features as you wish because this one is designed for first users of android. Therefore, if you wish to have the smarter one, with still small size, you can go to find the Galaxy S III Mini.

The design of the Galaxy S III Mini is excellent enough with marble white and pebble blue colors you can choose. With the experience of GS3 for the software, the phone performs well enough especially if you think that you need a mid-spec android. Besides, the battery life is one of the best compared with its competitors.

Some other things you need to check are that the Galaxy S III Mini is not the same one with the previous Galaxy S III. It means that if you looking for an android phone with the same performance as the Galaxy S III, you may not find the performance you need. Besides, some people say that the price offered for this one is little bit too high that you may need to wait until the price dropped later. However, it is still recommended for you to buy the product if you think that you want to hold a smaller android phone on your hand.

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