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Advanced Basics of Digital Marketing

The digital world of nowadays is actually thought to have two kinds of people: first are those who do not feel very comfortable in the constantly changing world of modern technologies and second are those who on the contrary are willing to learn more and more to leap into the complicated world of high-tech CRM. The reality is in fact somewhere in the middle. Anyway, there is no difficulty in making a digital plan, but it becomes absolutely impossible if you do not have strong basics, so make sure that you know the foundations.

Consistency and brand identification

According to the professionals who write on ICM Consulting reviews web-page, the first thing you should understand is what story you are trying to tell your customers. Once you get this idea it should become your north star to guide all your online activities. This idea will help you make the decision about the words, concepts and phrases that you will use in SEO. Remember that both your digital design and content should always be consistent in clear identification of your brand across all channels like website, social networks, mobile apps, and email.

Search marketing

As one investigation held in Toronto assumed, around 89% of all consumers use at least one search engine if they need to find information about products or services before purchasing them, and as was also proven, around 70% of all purchase decisions made by the Internet users begin with a search process. Search engines marketing has the clearest ROI of anything else in digital as you have to pay only when someone clicks to your website.

Content optimization

Content is the most important thing in all the digital marketing strategies. If your website does not have original and valuable content, then it will not perform well. Moreover, marketers have to ensure that the web-site’s content is optimized for email contact, various browsers and different mobile devices (remember that mobiles are the fastest growing way of digital media which people use for consuming). Furthermore, you should be aware that today almost all search engines punish those websites which do not have frequently updated content. The easiest way out is to set up a blog, and by that reach out to other webmasters and bloggers in order to feature your content on their sites.

Social media outreach

Social media today can help create a conversation between the seller and the buyer, who are you and your customers. According to the experts in the area of digital marketing like ICM Consulting Company, the most important key feature here is that you want to create and then grow a discussion about your products, business, or industry in general. Moreover, this is social media which helps business owners to raise their level and speed of email marketing, because it allows them to invite new members of a social community in order to sign up for news, more information and giveaways.

A lot of communication strategists suggest that companies should pick two or three basic social media platforms and then concentrate on mastering only them. The main idea as with any work you do is to determine what your goals are and then find out which platforms can serve better your purpose.

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