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iPhone 5 – One of the Greatest this Year

iPhone 5

Mobile phone could be the unstoppable innovation gadget for decade. There is always new and new products launched every month as a result of tight competition in this field. It is clear now that the brands continuously upgrade their products to give smartest choices for the customers.

Even though android is today’s most popular operating system offered by most brands for the products they launch, Apple iPhone seems to be the different one with iOS which is considered as the fastest and easiest one. The newest model to check must be iPhone 5 with greater promises offered compared with the previous version of iPhone 4.

Many experts agreed that iPhone 5 is the evolution of the big brother, iPhone 4, with the different look and performance. What we can see from this version is that the screen is longer than what have known from the iPhone 4. Besides, the thinner appearance with aluminium back panel makes the iPhone 5 looks much more stylish. Another difference is the new feature of new Maps application which is quite disappointing so that many think that Apple should concern in this aspect for the next version, if possible. However, overall iPhone 5 is the one to be listed as the greatest mobile phones in 2013 so that you’d better get more info about this.

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