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Little Things about Big Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia Lumia 920

Looking for trusted information about what smartest smartphones are, I found that most references I read seemed to agree that there are two leading brands competing to be smartest. Samsung with its Galaxy S III and Apple with the iPhone 5 always appeared on the pages of top smartphones I visited. Is it the fact or just the effect of their popularities? Well, you should decide by yourself because you may have your own opinions about what you hold on your hand as a user. However, it must be great to see some brands with different smartphones.

If you think that you need heavier stuff on your hand, you may need to check Nokia Lumia 920. The design is charming enough with its greater dimension compared with both Samsung Galaxy S III and iPhone 5. With its 6.5 ounces, you will feel that bringing this inside your pocket is harder. The features offered are quite promising for your high-specs phones with its Window Phone 8. Besides, great camera, good NFS capabilities, fine Bluetooth 3.0, and the Qi wireless charging cannot be ignored. With the claim of 9 hours talk time, this is one of the best for the battery life.

Well, you now have another choice for best smartphone on your hand. You just need to seek more and more references you need I you really want to compare all the stuffs. However, this Nokia Lumia 920 could be the cheapest one.

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