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New Technology Overcomes Troublesome Environments

If the system is located in the rugged environment, there is a good chance that a vibration from the general system and fan will cause low performance of the system which might in the end affect all those sensitive hard disk drives. This problem in general is what has motivated people to create Rugged Rack Mount Servers – the ultimate solution for any harsh environment, which is perfect since there is a great need for numerous systems everywhere in the world and not every place has the optimal conditions for normal functioning systems.

Rugged  technology has advanced so much that it can truly allow people to have the stable and reliable systems wherever they need them. Shock, vibrations, extreme temperatures and any other undesirable element of the environment are no longer an obstacle that cannot be overcome.

No matter what kind of server is in question, it can be made with all the beneficial factors of security and protection. Rugged Rack Mount Servers are usually tested in special laboratories in order to ensure that everything will function well once they get delivered to the customer.

All parts of them are built from reliable and durable materials, so housing is usually made from aluminum chassis and other components used for lightweight durability.

In humid climates components will definitely have great corrosion resistance and you can also always expect the increased thermal conductivity and in order to minimize the electromagnetic interference, non-magnetic components will be used.

Conformal coated electronic are always used to protect server against moisture, extreme temperatures, chemicals and dust.

The experts in this area are more than capable to maximize the efficiency of the rugged rack mount servers by virtually making them at the beginning based on the specific environmental problem which always greatly reduces the cost of these brilliant servers.

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