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Our Vet Needed a New Scale but His Budget Did Not Allow It

Our local vet operates on a really tight budget. It is due to the economic situation of his clients. We are in a poor rural county. There are plenty of folks with cats, dogs, livestock and other animals that are struggling to get by. This vet is as good as any you might find in a metropolitan area. He sticks with us because he cares. My wife and I aren’t rich, but we did find ourselves looking at medical scales online after our last visit to his office.

We brought our dog in for a checkup. She has been through cancer and has survived. The doctor removed the cancer and she had oral chemo. She gets weighed every time we go in. The scale at the vet’s office is in bad shape. It has seen better days. Sometimes it does not work. He will hold your dog and stand on a bathroom scale then subtract his weight to get your dog’s weight. That does not work for the big dogs that come in. He needed a new digital veterinary scale for his office.

Like I said, we are not rich. However, we had been saving extra for the holidays this year. We wanted to treat ourselves with a trip south. We have never really been that far. We decided to scale our trip down a bit (no pun intended). We found a site online that had high quality medical scales, and we ordered a veterinary scale for the doctor. We had it shipped to us. Then we removed any info that would show it came from us and dropped it off at his office while he was out on a call. We did not want him knowing it came from us. On our next visit there was a thank you sign above the scale. I think this is how things should be. We should stick together and help one another.

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