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Some Useful Apps for Android

Tapatalk Forum App

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Using android phone could be the best option we have today. However, if we just use the mobile phone for style only, it means that we spent too much money for something we cannot use optimally. Therefore, making it as tool that gives us benefits must be the basic thing we should remember, because the products are offered to give us easy life.

Well, here are some useful applications for android that will give us benefits from what we have bought.

  • Tapatalk Forum App

This application allows us to access any favorite forums we join easily and smoothly rather than by using the standard mobile browser. As you may expect, this one enables you to be active in the forum for new threads, comments, and private message.

  • GasBuddy

This application is special for you who always travel with your car. Using the application will be helpful for you to find the nearest gas station along with the information about the prices offered. It means that you can try to find the one with cheapest price. However, it seems that the app is for use only in the US and Canada.

  • Best Apps Market

This application is for applications. Well, this one is valuable enough when you have to solve some problems related to the applications you have on your android. A lot of applications can be easily checked and found by this one.

  • Chrome Beta

Even though android has provided the basic Chrome and it is good enough, downloading this app will be fun enough because we can access full version of Chrome.

Well, those are some useful applications we can download for the android. Find more if you think those are not enough.


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