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Windows 8 and Your Old PC

Windows 8

Windows has released the new Windows 8 recently. It is quite interesting to see the advertisement of the new operating system so that you may think to upgrade yours to the latest system. However, you should prepare yourself for deep disappointment if your PC is the old one. Well, many have proven that the new Windows 8 does not support PCs older than two years, or even less. It means that you may think twice about upgrading your PC’s operating system with this one if your computer is two or more years old.

Some examples of the problem related to the upgrade will be given here. One, the Lenovo ThinkPad X301 with its touch pad has a problem with the touch pad could not scroll. For HP TouchSmart 300, the touch becomes insensitive to perform Windows 8 gestures. Besides, the microphone does not work very well. Therefore, if you think that you have PC with the same period to the explained above, you should be careful in upgrading the new system on your computer.

From little description above, you know that you should have new generation of PC if you really want to have the system inside your computer. You should make sure that you get detail information about your PC from the manufacturer to find out whether Windows 8 supports the type.

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